JAR LIMITED is located at Port City Chattogram (Chittagong), in Bangladesh and is a part of JAR GROUP. JAR ‘stands for “Justify Ability Rarity”. Incorporated under the Companies Act XVIII of 1994, Company Registration No. CH-13496/2019

is actively involved in worldwide shipping, logistics , trading, bunkering, Export, Import, E-commerce & Many Business in Bangladesh. The company is managed by its founding partners who have many years experience in the shipping, forwarding, transportation & trading industry. All the partners are actively involved in the daily management of the company to provide our customers with timely, cost effective solutions to their logistics requirements. Our experienced team of managers and operators, fully committed to a responsible care approach, highly dedicated to their job and to solve problems in the most efficient, flexible and economical way.

JAR GROUP offers Ship Agency and seamless freight trading, vessel chartering and vessel operating services to multinational corporations, international industrial clients, regional traders. The company’s reliable and cost-effective services are managed by a professional, technical and commercial team headquartered in Bangladesh with local coverage in Chattogram Port, Mongla Port, Payra Port, Dhaka ICD, Pangaon Container Terminal (PCT).  



The social contribution activities provided by the JAR Group in Bangladesh. JAR FOUNDATION is a National, Non-governmental, Non-political and Non-profitable but a Private Voluntary Development Organization. JAR GROUP is supporting to JAR FOUNDATION to support poor people in Bangladesh.  


Social events develop social skills and empathy—the outward-oriented dimensions of emotional intelligence. We think of the importance of social activities for children and we try to support students to development their skills. 


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